Hello, I’m Christopher Libby. I am currently an emergency medicine resident physician with a passion for improving healthcare delivery. My goal is to become the best emergency physician I can be so that I can continue to find ways to improve patient care.

Since I realized I wanted to enter the field of medicine, I knew that I wanted to find more cost effective, evidence based approaches to delivering higher quality care. I have experience in healthcare information technology, quality improvement, and advocacy.

I am a full time emergency medicine resident physician at UCF / North Florida Regional Medical Center. While I spend a lot of time studying, I also work on web development, EM research, and advocacy

I also have extensive experience in healthcare informatics with knowledge of HL7 and CDA standards. I have done custom programming for the front and back ends of Allscripts, ETL design, data warehousing in SQL Server, custom programming and application development, integrations using Orion Rhapsody and ConnectR, and conversions between EHR vendors.

Web Development

Business Intelligence

Healthcare Integrations




2017 - Present

UCF - North Florida Regional Medical Center

Emergency Medicine Resident Physician

PGY-1 EM Resident physician seeing patients at North Florida Regional Medical Center in Gainesville, FL.

2016 - Present

Better Oral Health for Massachusetts Coalition

Board of Directors

Elected to help bring physicians, dentists, nurses, and hygienists together to improve the oral health of the Commonwealth. The board assists in fundraising, participated in advocacy efforts, and oversees multiple committees working to improve flouridation rates, medical-dental collaborations, and continuing education on oral health.

2014 - Present

Self Employed

Web Developer & Web Designer

Self employed web designer for personal, non-profit, and small business websites. I have experience in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript as well as CMS solutions such as Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal.

2015 - 2017

American Medical Association

Chair of the Medical Student Section

Elected to lead the team that represents the 55,000+ medical student members of the organization from June 2016-June 2017 including a six month period as Chair-Elect. During my term I serve as the representative of the Medical Student Section to the Board of Trustees, advocacy team, and outside organizations.

In addition to my work managing the Governing Council, I implemented project management solutions throughout the committees, regions, and councils; developed the section's first use of transition documents to improve institutional memory; implemented a leadership wellness program; improved the decision making process for the Governing Council to ensure transparency to the section; increased representation by specialty societies; reformed the internal operating procedures of the section; and coordinated our first national naloxone training program.

2015 - 2016

Boston Medical Library

Board of Trustees

Selected to serve on the board of trustees of the Boston Medical Library to provide finacial, structutal, and directional leadership to the organization

2014 - 2014


Product Development Consultant

Part of a new product development team tasked with developing clinical decision support tools. Responsibilities include software development, application design, clinical to technical translations, and general technical support.

2012 - 2013

Galen Healthcare Solutions

Technical Consultant

Develop custom data analysis solutions for Meaningful Use, NQF, UDS, pay-for-performance programs and custom initiatives. Development was done using SQL, C#, VBS, JavaScript, XML, and HTML

Sat on committees to assist in designing both a pay for performance initiative and the framework behind appropriate data collection for an accountable care organization.

Act as a project manager for large scale reporting extracts and integrations with HIEs and for EHR customizations. Utilized Orion Rhapsody and ConnectR for HL7 integrations and MSSQL, SSRS, SSIS, Crystal Reports, and custom programs for reporting.

2012 - 2012

Federal Emergency Management Agency

National Preparedness Intern

Conceived the regional Threats and Hazard Identification and Analysis (THIRA) Summit in order to identify and prioritize recurrent and catastrophic threats to Region I

Worked with MITRE (an FFRDC) to develop the Adaptive Risk Readiness Model and the THIRA in order to systematically prioritize funding based on need in time for FY13

Worked with the Deputy National Preparedness Director to identify stakeholder needs in order to coordinate the CDC, HHS, and FEMA for the Hospital Preparedness Program.

2008 - 2012

Boston University Emergency Medical Services

EMS Supervisor, EMT, EMT Instructor

Supervised over 50 EMTs for the Boston University community. Responsibilities included scheduling, counseling, inventory management, and coordination of training programs.

Developed and deployed an online inventory tracking system as well as assisted in the development on an online patient tracking system.

Taught EMT Classes, continuing education, and CPR and First Aid Classes

2009 - 2012

Laboratory of Computational Neurophysiology

Research Assistant

Constructed recording hyper drives in order to record neurons in the Entorhinal Cortex, Hippocampus, and the Medial Septum of the rat in vivo to test computational models of neural circuits.

Performed surgery required to implant the hyper drives into the rat’s brain.

Recorded cells with both an analog and a digital Neuralynx system while infusing drugs to the post-subiculum and/or medial septum.

Analyzed data using MATLAB

2011 - 2011

Boston Medical Center

Quality Improvement Intern

Worked with a team of physicians to analyze the process of acquiring patient medical records using LEAN, PDCA, and Six Sigma improvement strategies.

Identified stakeholder perceptions, designed a systematic approach to data collection, analyzed data, and presented short and long term operational improvements to both peers and executives.

2015 - 2017

Massachusetts Medical Society

Task Force on Electronic Health Records

Selected to serve on the inagural EHR Task Force tasked with identifing ways in which physician leaders can improve EHR design, usability, and function.

2015 - 2016

American Medical Association

Chair of the Health Information Technology Task Force

Selected to lead the task force designed to identify opportunities for medical students to provide input and leadership on health technology issues that affect our education, future practice, and care of our patients.

2015 - 2016

American Medical Association

Region VII Delegate

Elected to serve Region VII Medical Student Section as a Region Delgate and an Alternate Region Delegate in the HOD each for a term of one year

2015 - 2016

Massachusetts Medical Society

Committee on Oral Health

Selected to serve on committee for oral health focused on improving physician involvement in both oral health screening and interprofesional collaboration.

2014 - 2015

Massachusetts Medical Society

Committee on Information Technology

Selected to serve on the Committee on Information Technology which promotes the effective use of information technology by physicians in order to improve the quality of care and help to put efficiency and joy back into the practice of medicine.

2014 - 2015

American Medical Association

Region VII Secretary

Elected to serve Region VII as Secretary on the regional General Council. Responsibilities include documentation, maintenance of Region VII bylaws, web maintenance, and general regional support.

2014 - 2015

American Medical Association

Committee on Economics and Quality in Medicine

Selected to serve as one of ten members of the CEQM which is responsible for educational programming and support for over 50,000 medical students throughout the United States on topics ranging from medical economics, quality improvement, and the impact of legislation. Current projects include resolution reviews and organizing a business proposal symposium for the AMA annual conference in order to promote medical entrepreneurship.


American Medical Association

Chair of the Parliamentary Procedures Committee

Selected oversee five members of the Parliamentary Procedures Committee for the 2015 Annual Meeting. The committee is responsible for ensuring the meeting follows the correct proceedures and educates students in the details of parliamentary procedures.


American Medical Association

Reference Committee

Selected to serve as one of five members of the Reference Committee for the 2014 Interim Meeting. The committee is responsible for reviewing policy submitted to the committee by medical students. Policy is analysed for legal precedent, redundancy, quality, and scope. The Reference Committee report is then submitted to the General Assembly to be voted on by student delegates.


American Medical Association

Parliamentary Procedures Committee

Selected to serve as one of five members of the Parliamentary Procedures Committee for the 2014 Annual Meeting. The committee is responsible for ensuring the meeting follows the correct proceedures and educates students in the details of parliamentary procedures.


Pre-Medical Mentor


General Counselor to the MSS


Executive Committee & Webmaster




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MP Brandon, AR Bogaard, CP Libby, MA Connery, K Gupta & ME Hasselmo, 2011. Reduction of theta rhythm dissociates grid cell spatial periodicity from directional tuning. Science 332: 595.


M.A. Connerney, B.J Kraus, M.P Brandon, C Libby, R.J. Robinson II, S. Eriksson, H. Eichenbaum, M.E. Hasselmo. Time and distance coding by mEC neurons during stationary treadmill running. Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program Annual Symposium, 2011. Poster Presentation


CP Libby. 2010. Grid cell firing in the medial entorhinal cortex is dependent on input from the medial septum. 13th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium at Boston University invited speaker.


MP Brandon, C Libby, M Connerney, A Bogaard & ME Hasselmo. 2010. Grid cell spiking depends on intact activity in the medial septum. Abstracts of the Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience. Poster presentation


MP Brandon, M Connerney, C Libby, A Bogaard & ME Hasselmo. 2010. Spatial mapping in the rodent entorhinal cortex and hippocampus during exploration of the spiral maze. Abstracts of the Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience. Poster presentation.


M Connerney, CP Libby, A Bogaard, MP Brandon, & ME Hasselmo. 2010. Spatial mapping in the rodent entorhinal cortex and hippocampus during exploration of spiral maze. NSF CELEST Workshop on Functional Connections. Poster presentation.


40 Under 40

MedTech Boston


Best Research Finalist



Scholarship for Medical Education

J.T. Tai Foundation


Rookie of the Year

Galen Healthcare Solutions


Circle of Excellence

Galen Healthcare Solutions


Certificate of Outstanding Achievement

Federal Emergency Management Agency


Cum Laude

Boston University


Invited Speaker and First Prize Winner

UROP Research Symposium


Travel Grant

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program


Summer Research Grant

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program


Outstanding Leadership Award

Boston University EMS


Eagle Scout

Boy Scouts of America

2013 - 2017

The University of Massachusetts Medical School

(MD) Medicine

Activities and Societies: Emergency Medicine Interest Group, Internal Medicine Interest Group, Organized Medicine, Kelley Backpacks, Wilderness Medicine, Bioethics, Caring for the Seriously Ill

2011 - 2012

Boston University School of Public Health

(MPH) Health Policy & Management

Activities and Societies: Upsilon Phi Delta, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

2007 - 2011

Boston University

(BA) Biology, Psychology with Distinction

Activities and Societies: Psi Chi, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Red Cross Volunteers, Mind and Brain Society, BUEMS, Residence Life

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Portsmouth Abbey School

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